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Regular attendance is an important factor in academic success.

When a student is absent, regardless of the reason, it is the parent or guardian’s responsibility to contact the Attendance Office at (775) 283-1910.  This number is in operation twenty-four hours a day, including holidays and weekends.  When calling (775) 283-1910 and receiving a recorded message, please respond with the following information:

  1.   Student’s legal name (spell) and grade
  2.   Your name
  3.   Your relationship to the student
  4.   Date of and reason for the absence

Absences must be excused within 3 days; otherwise, it will be considered unexcused.

If your student must leave during the day for any reason (medical, dental, appointment, family emergency, etc.), please send your student with a note or call the attendance office the day before your student leaves.  Notes must include student legal name, date of birth/grade, time student needs to leave campus, reason for departure and parent/guardian name and telephone number.  Students will be given a Utility Slip (off campus pass) prior to departure.  Students must have this pass to leave school.  The student must bring a doctor’s visit notification form when returning to school.  If they are not returning to school the same day, they must bring the notice in the next day.  In order to minimize disruptions to classroom instruction, the attendance office does not send reminder notices to students.  It is the student’s responsibility to come get the permit to leave school and leave at the appropriate time. 

If your student is arriving late to school, the parent or guardian must call the attendance office before the student’s arrival.  The student must pick-up a Hall Pass from the Attendance Office before entering class; otherwise, it will be considered an unexcused absence.  Please remember that the only appropriate excuses involve medical appointments and illness. 

Students are considered tardy when they arrive after the second bell rings. We will be doing periodic tardy sweeps throughout the school day.  Students caught in a tardy sweep will be assigned one day of lunch detention.  Parents may not excuse a tardy.  Waking up late, car problems, and the like are not valid excused for tardiness.  Students who arrive late with food/drink from local establishments will have those items confiscated. 

Students cannot be called out early during final exams or high stakes testing (ACT/Proficiency/End of Course, etc.).  Take into consideration that it takes time for the student to arrive to the office especially at the end of the day; please be patient.  (The student may be at an assembly, library, P.E. school activity, etc.)  If the student is in P.E., they may not have access to the locker room to change back into street clothes during class time.  Due to time constraints, the Attendance Office staff may be unable to assist with student/parent requests for students to leave campus during the last 20 minutes of the school day.  Please refrain from making requests during this time period. 

Parents, if you want your 18 year old student to have the ability to excuse themselves, we must have a written note from you on file.